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Posted by: ArchangelX
Type of dream: Scary / Nightmare
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Enjoyed Dream
Recurring: Yes
Date posted: 2008-06-03 15:25:01
Date of dream: 2008-06-03
Keyword 1: Demons
Keyword 2: Cult
Keyword 3: Sacrifice
Description: This is not one dream but a series of them : may 30th 2008 I had a dream last night that greatly disturbs me. I had somehow been captured or lured into a coven of priestesses of a demonic cult. They were all evil and incredibly seductive. They strapped me into a chair against my resistance and injected me with a drug called "Demon's Blood". Moments after the injection I felt a sense of irresistible euphoria and pleasure. As I surrendered to it the priestesses all wearing crimson robes and gothic hair and make up surrounded me and began caressing me. This action only increased my willingness to let them do as they would to me. They quickly ripped off my clothes and with the greatest of care and attention to detail tattooed a crimson Pentagram onto my chest over my heart. Once it was completed they surrounded me again and began chanting in a language I had never heard before. After an hour of their chanting I felt like a changed person. They unstrapped me and I went to the head priestess and took her hand. She said to me "Where is your loyalty Michael?" I answered her immediately "My loyalty is with you my mistress now and forever" At those words she took me into a back room and seduced me into her bed. We made love and at the end of it she put a necklace on me with a silver chain and a blood red crystal. Then we went back to the main room and she announced to the coven "He has been consecrated. He will serve us now and forever and will always be under our spell." Then she led me to the throne and sat on it. I was told to sit at her feet and I did so. Until I woke up.... It is now 5:00 pm the day after this dream. I feel the power of the priestesses and the Demon's Blood drug even now it is impossible to resist... They have me. May 31 Last night the dream was worse I arrived in the midst of the priestesses to see a baby an old homeless woman and a dog tied to tables. The head priestess handed me a knife and ordered me to kill all of them. Without a thought I killed the baby first and licked his blood off the blade. Moments later the old woman felt my knife and her blood was licked off the blade as well. The dog was last but the head priestess whose name is Martina, wiped the dog blood off the blade. She then announced to the coven: "The sacrifice is complete, we all must be satisfied now." We all went to a room with giant beds and took doses of Demon's Blood. Under the influence of this drug satisfaction was potent and occurred several times for all. Once the orgy was over we went to the main hall where there was a bunch of cups on the table. They all had blood from the sacrifices in them and I was ordered to drink from the single black cup. As usual I obeyed without question in moments I was in a drug induced slumber. After I woke from it I was commanded to sit at Priestess Martina's feet and she proclaimed me the defender of the coven and her consort forever. Jun 1 Last night the dream was confusing I was in a drug euphoria most of the time. When I came to I met Drakanon the demon worshipped by the coven. He entrapped me into varying fantasies and I could not resist them. Pulled back to the true dream he ordered me to kill a baby I did so licking its blood off my knife. Right after that he put a mark in my Pentagram tattoo. It looks like a triangle with a D in it. Once the mark was emplaced Preistess Martina took me into her bed. We made love until I woke up. Jun 2 The dreams are getting more insane. Last night Drakanon ordered me to kill a sacrifice of a young woman in her teens. I did so without question and licked her blood off the blade. Drakanon assumed the form of a human male and commanded me to my knees. I obeyed him and he placed his genitals in my mouth. I sucked him enthusiastically bringing to my dark master the pleasure he commanded and deserved. I took every inch of him and every drop of his ejaculation. After swallowing it I felt empowered by his essence. He then returned to his true form and bestowed the powers of a Defender on me. I was then seduced by Priestess Martina and several others and made love to them all. Jun 3 The Dark Master has had his full pleasure from me, he did me in the ass while I was getting my dick sucked by Martina and eating out another Priestess known as Grenna. After the lovemaking was over we sacrificed some ladies and drank their blood. I cannot resist my Dark Master I live to serve him.
Dreamer's Analysis: I have no idea maybe I am possessed
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Posted by Date of Feedback Had a Similar Dream Dream Feedback
Anonymous 2009-07-19 07:02:32 No you could be reliving a past life in a demonic realm and its warning you that you should be careful in this lifetime
Anonymous 2008-12-18 07:53:49 No Oh no, this is terrible. Sometimes dreams are nonsense, and sometimes not. I can tell this means something. If you aren't a Christian, look into it, this dream could be a warning. This dream sounds satanic and possesed.




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