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Posted by: ailea
Type of dream: None of the above
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Indifferent
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2008-06-03 13:32:37
Date of dream: 2008-06-03
Keyword 1: escape
Keyword 2: beach
Keyword 3: children
Description: It was night. I was younger, around 12 or 13, and my old best friend Trinity was with me. We were at a party with my parents, but we were bored so we decided to go outside. The building was on a hill and surrounded by fields of different crops; at the front was a long field of rosemary. Past the rosemary field was the beach. Trin suggested we walk down to the beach, even though it was night time. I agreed and for some reason I started packing a bag full of clothes to bring with me. A group of other children came and murdered Trinity. A young boy found me and said we should escape the murderous children, so I took my bag and we escaped. We jumped fence after fence and hid in different areas, but the children were catching up with us. We set traps to slow them down and we got a safe distance. It seemed like we ran for days, each night finding a different place to hide and sleep. One night we found a huge white pipe to crawl into and sleep, but inside we found rotting corpses. I slipped and fell right on top of one. I could see the maggots wriggling inside and eating away the muscle; I was scared and began to cry but the boy held me until I felt better and we moved on. We teamed up with my pen pal, Paige, and found an old shed that we decided to fix up and make our home. It looked like my garage (which is small and separated from my house). Paige and I would sit outside at night and sing. I remember feeling so elated while I sang; I could hold a note perfectly. We made up lyrics on the spot and just sang our hearts out. It was so amazing. The next night, the three of us bought a big black car (a Blazer) and we drove down to the beach. The boy was gone and in his place was Trinity. My old friends were all in the car - Trin, Renee, Paige, & Heather. We were all our real ages again (18-19). We parked on the beach but the tide came up and out car was under water. With the help of my other friend Whitney, we all swam under and pushed/pulled the car back to land. I remember the water was warm and clear blue. An acquaintance of mine from high school, Meagan, had a house on the beach. Her mother collects children and just kept adopting them, even though her husband was a child abuser and a pedophile. A little four-year-old girl was constantly abused and forced to dress in skimpy outfits while being felt up. I protected her and felt all my motherly senses kick in. I called my mom from the beach over to the house and discussed adopting the little girl. I took her in as my daughter, but felt bad for all the other little children. I had a long talk with Meagan's mother and convinced her to leave her husband and escape with the children. I drove the Blazer to her driveway and we secretly squeezed all the children in. I gave her the car keys and told her to just drive away and never return. She did so and I felt like I had accomplished something righteous.
Dreamer's Analysis: I love the feeling of adventure and often dream of packing a bag and just running away. I always wish for someone to love me and hold me when I'm afraid, thus the boy. I think in my past life I was a singer because I have many dreams of singing my heart out. I miss my old friends greatly and all the little adventures we'd all have together. Sometimes I wish I had a little girl who needs me and I could protect like a mother. I always feel sympathy for children who are less fortunate and I wish to solve all their problems.
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brianb222 2012-09-06 15:55:33 Don't Know hello!! im brian. brand spankin new on the sight lol... you seem to have much longer dreams than i have?? just recently i begun dreaming again since i was young.. im 19 now but my dreams are usually filled with negative emotions. now i know that dreams have alot to do with waking life, but in my dreams i dont usually get a lot of feed out of them, or maybe im just missing it?? an tips would be wonderful



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