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Posted by: CourtNR28
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Indifferent
Recurring: Yes
Date posted: 2008-05-16 07:36:45
Date of dream: 2008-05-16
Keyword 1: Birth
Keyword 2: Relationships
Keyword 3: realistic
Description: Lots of different things happened in my dream, but what sticks out the most is how realistic it all was, and even though it was extremely weird, I understood it. In my dream, the first thing I remember is being at my great grandparents house, which has happened in the last two dreams that I have had. All of the sudden I have a child, a baby girl, and she didnt have a name and no one knew abut her but me. I knew that I couldnt take her home, because my parents would find out that me and my boyfriend had been having sex, so I just walked around town carrying her. The weirdest thing that I remember was I looked at her face, and I was thinking that it was the perfect mix of me and my boyfriend. There is a family of a bunch of red heads in my neighborhood, and they were in my dream, but there were even more of them, and I was scared they were going to take my baby so I went to this guys house, and my baby turned into neon green marajuana goo, and he put it in a bowl, and took and hit and then I did, and then I thought, OH my god I just smoked my child!! The next part of my dream, my child is back but my mom, and my boyfriend have her and are pushing her in a stroller, and then me and my boyfriend go off and Im laying on him, and all of the sudden we both have really hairy stomachs, and I am grossed out by him. Then I tell him that I love him, and I want to be with him forever, and them he grunts at me and gets up. One of my ex boyfriend shows up with his new girlfriend and Austin(my bf) tries to go at him to beat him up, and I have to stop him. Then I see me and Austin's friend Daniel, and everyone follows him into the house. Daniel asks me how me and Austin are and I say, "not good." All throgh my dream I kept switching back and forth between this, and a strang guy comming and sitting on a giant piano in a girls window, trying to sing her love songs, and say sweet things to her, but she never takes an intrest in him.
Dreamer's Analysis: me and my boyfriend had been talking about me being pregnant, and I was thinking about how I wouldnt be a good mother because I am not very loving toward children, but ever since I had the dream I feel totally different. It was like, in the dream I felt true mother's love for a child. I can't get over this dream.
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