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Posted by: margie21
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Indifferent
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2008-04-20 06:07:29
Date of dream: 2008-04-19
Keyword 1: random
Keyword 2: sad
Keyword 3: dying
Description: First the dream started off at a tennis match. Then i think i was a girl i didnt know and there was a girl on the other tennis team who got really mad at me i think and then i turned into a flying fire ball thing and the other person was trying to catch me because he was really mad at me and then he finally did catch me and threw me out this really high window I was falling in the clouds i was thinking about one of my friends and then i was thinking about God and my last thought was I love you. and then im not sure if i died or if i just turned into another girl on this tennis team but we won something like a championship or something and then i was happy but then i started crying because i missed whoever was on our team. but i kept thinking it was me who was dead and then it went to my school where i was sitting at a table with these guys who i usualy dont talk to there names were sam adam and jamal. it was so random and then this girl named gina was there to and ive never talk to her in my life. but i was talkin to adam sam and jamal and this guy named danny who is my ex boyfriends brother was just staring at all of us from across the lunch room and then we were talking about these two guys that went off campus to get lunch and they got in really big trouble. then it jumped to the next day at lunch and i found out one of the guys who got in really big trouble because either darren killed himself or his dad did but then i went to go get food and i had to go get torillas but they were all our and then our lunch room now had a lake in the middle of it and it was outside and we were talking about how sad and unfare it was because i got killed and then he took his life and then one of my really good friends got pregant and shes only a freshmen and she was laughing about it
Dreamer's Analysis: I don't know its so random and werid.
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