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Posted by: shruti
Type of dream: Scary / Nightmare
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Did Not Enjoy Dream
Recurring: Yes
Date posted: 2008-04-19 09:59:38
Date of dream: 0000-00-00
Keyword 1: ufo
Keyword 2: airplanes
Keyword 3: rockets
Description: i used to have this dream very often, but now the frequency has reduced from 4-5 to 1-2 times a year.and i have been having thses dreams for some years now.the first dream(and the consecutive ones also) i had was that the sky used to get covered with a printed wall paper of orange colour.and when that happened it means that it is the sign of the ufo to come.
Dreamer's Analysis:
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Anonymous 2008-05-02 02:53:17 No Wow! Have you ever had a dream of other colors of wallpaper? It is interesting that it is orange. Maybe you have some sort of association with that color, and if you figure that out then your dream will make even more sense if you know what orange means to you.




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