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Posted by: Deathofme13
Type of dream: Happy
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Enjoyed Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2008-04-18 10:29:16
Date of dream: 2008-04-17
Keyword 1: barbie dolls
Keyword 2: wierd food
Keyword 3: anime
Description: I am on my back porch. The sun is sinking behind the trees. My Family and friends are with me. I go back inside. It is dinner time. There is a boy there that i dont know. For dinner, i am served what looks like blowfish skin. My aunt Mary cooked and she's watching to see how I like it. I try it just to be polite. It seems in this dream that I have an older brother. He has brown hair and is wearing jeans and some sort of red and white sweater. It looks like a sort of team sweater. He plays football. The boy i didnt know is my brother's friend. They are sitting in the living room on the same chair. The boy just looks at the skins and pushes them around with his fork. After dinner, I am in the den closet. There is a bed in there, with posters behind the shelves. I look at one. It is of a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. It says his name is "Liam" He is holding a yellow flower and wearing a green shirt. The background is pink. I come out of the closet. It is early morning and the light is coming through the window and falling on the recliner. The boy is in the chair. He is a goth. He has medium-length straight black hair. i sit on the couch and we start talking. I cant remember what we talked about. my sis comes in the room and i shoo her out. then it is suddenly dusk again and i am on the back porch. This time only the boy is with me. He looks at least seventeen. He is smoking. I tell him that it isnt good for his health and he says that im right and puts the burning cigarette out. Then he goes inside to throw away the rest of the pack. We are in the dena again, he is on the couch. Me and my gram are looking through the closet. I am looking for the big case of barbie dolls. It isnt there. I am walking around the house asking various family members if they have seen it. None of them say anything. I come to big glass case in the living roo. A caterpillar lives there. I can see his little armchair, television, rug, and even his little pet dog. I ask him if he has seen the dolls. He shakes his head no. The I am sitting on the floor in front of the living room table. The barbie dolls are in their stands in the tiny barbie house on the table. They are somehow alive and me and my sis are letting them try on different shades of lipgloss. The boy comes into the room and puts on some lipgloss that was in his pocket. my sis tries to kiss him, but he sits on my lap and i kiss him on the cheek. Everything turns Anime. I am a girl with short reddish hair and the boy has spikey blonde hair. He seems to be leaving the country. He says "i'll see you in June." He was only there for the summer. My sis is a small, fat girl with blue hair. She bought him loads of going away presents. Even a red convertible! I give him a little piggy bank that i made myself and he likes it more than my sister's gifts. I kiss him on the cheek and he gets on his plane, keaving all of my sister's presents behind. I wake up.....
Dreamer's Analysis: nooooo idea........extremely wierd! All of my dreams lately are romantic and always end in the boy leaving! Wahhhh!
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