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Posted by: MoxieSloan
Type of dream: Scary / Nightmare
Time of day: Daydream
Enjoyment level: Did Not Enjoy Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2008-04-15 16:43:32
Date of dream: 2008-04-15
Keyword 1: CLOWN!
Keyword 2: Chase
Keyword 3: evil
Description: I dreamt that my oldest brother, baby brother, mom, grandma, 1 of my aunts, a few random people that I went to high school with but didn't talk to and I went to the apts. I used to live in. Anyways we snuck in than some lady knocked and we said no one was there cause the manager told us to say no one was there. Anyways everyone was in a room playing playstation than I think it was the next day and everyone was in the living room playing playstation. I started washing dishes cause I didn't want ppl to know we were there and cause its just nice to do, ok this creepy looking old man who was really tall and I guess lived there came into the kitchen and watched me wash dishes than he said that my family said he could keep me and like marry me I just ignored him but when he got close I would get kinda freaked out anyways he kept saying that I wasn't gonna leave and that I was his. My little brother came and hugged me around my waist from behind kinda like protection. When I fisnished washing dishes I was trying to discreatly tell my older brother to "get ready to run" but he kept yelling that he couldn't run without a backpack for his ps. So I kept telling him to shut up finally he got it and was ready to go so he started putting his game away, all the young girls left first except for me and my aunt. We left when most of the stuff was packed we ran outside and just kinda felt like wooo that was a close one kinda laughed it off. Anyways as we walked home it got dark and then my aunt said wtf? And started screaming pulled me as she ran home I looked and across the street there was a clown just staring at us. We ran home terrified and screaming I was the last one in so I had to lock the door as I closed it I saw him like appear at the bottom of the stairs he ran super fast kinda like the flash anyways I couldn't close the door than finally I did and locked it. I was about to tell my aunt to call my mom, brother and grandma to warn them but that's when I woke up.
Dreamer's Analysis: Because I hate clowns? Oh and recently I found out that a registered sex offender also lives at those apts. I didn't know this when I lived there which kinda freaked me out.
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