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Posted by: Deathofme13
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Don't Remember
Recurring: Yes
Date posted: 2008-04-06 13:08:46
Date of dream: 2007-12-30
Keyword 1: mist
Keyword 2: beach
Keyword 3: wierd people/creatur
Description: in my dream, im living in my house. everything seems normal, but when i walk out the front door, everything is cloaked in drak gray mist. All of the houses on the opposite side of the street are gone, replaced by one that seems to be made from cardboard. A boy comes out and waves. Somehow, i know him. he reminds me that we were going adventuring today. I notice that i am wearing my camo pants, black tee, and boots. My hair is also black and i am wearing lots of makeup. I dont know how we got there, but suddenly, we were on a bridge. It is very misty there, and i cant see very far in front of me. I go across the bridge. it is made of gray stones. On the other side, there is a jungle. but there are stone pillars that look like they are holding up the trees and vines. there are two lines of collumns and we pass between them. upon reaching the 3rd collumn, he stops and turns to me. we slide down on sand between the 3rd and 4th collumns. we are on a beach. surrounded by many wierd creatures. most of them quite large, while others are so small, you would mistake them for a grain of sand. the boy tells me to hurry back up the slide while he distracts the creatures. they are making all sorts of crazy noises. Almost like whining. i cover my ears. somehow, we are back out of wherever we were and running across the bridge. we pass a few people, who look like me characters in the online RPGs i like to play. when we get back, he invites me into his house to meet his dad. It is raining very hard. and i accept. we walk in and his dad is sitting on a bed-like thing made from cardboard like the house. the ceiling leaks. the father just grunts and continues to smoke whatever it is that is hanging from his mouth. he gets angry all of a sudden and throws me and the boy out of the house. i can feel all of my black makeup running down my face. he grabs my hands to help me get up. i feel a sharp pain in my left leg. i lean on him while he helps me get back to my house. When i get inside, my grandma yells at him to leave. i argue with my gram, and she tells me that he has no place in my home because he is black. I get so angry, that i push her off of the porch. me and the boy run away. the pain is now gone. we go across the bridge again, and down the fifth opening instead of the one we tried before. in this place, everything is too cold, so we search all of the worlds until we find one thats perfect. i wake up when we finally find it.
Dreamer's Analysis: NOOOOO IDEA.......extremely wierd......:(
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