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Posted by: Beya
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Enjoyed Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2008-03-23 04:26:03
Date of dream: 2008-03-23
Keyword 1: Mouth
Keyword 2: empty
Keyword 3: Silent piano
Description: I was taken to a Child Psychologist by a Lord I was staying with in the dream. Which is strange, as I'm 18. I argued my case with this Lord (more like a dusty castle owner) as we approached, though he said I should just go with him to meet this psychologist./// The house was made of worn wood, with flaky white paint, and it looked like it had slight structural problems. Outside, to the left, a large billboard which read 'Child Virgin Psychologist'- (which I also noted as strange, and I pointed out that I didn't fit that description either). The lord insisted I go to meet this 'psychologist'. It goes blank in between these parts, and somehow we'd entered./// A black room. No floor, ceiling etc, though it may just be dark. A mouth, small, red and well formed is in high contrast- the psychologist. He/She is silhouetted, but the silhouette is black-on-black, so I only see the mouth. It's sat in front of a grey driftwood piano, with dark grain, and is playing some sort of sad melody- but the only sound is the keys being played- and no music. The mouth moves, but I don't hear anything./// Gradually, as this continues, the jaw of the mouth splits/tears vertically through the bone and skin (though all I see is the red of the mouth splitting downwards- no bone or skin). Eventually, the mouth parts, and the 'psychologist' stops playing. The 'session' ends, as does the dream.
Dreamer's Analysis: All very odd. I expect the psychologist was telling me something important. But not specific advice, more like a moral. It appears that the fact he was a 'child virgin psychiatrist' gave him the stance of someone trustworthy, but at the same time daunting- like a dentist when you were young. I suspect the 'lord' was similar to my Grandad who I'd visited yesterday. We have a good relationship, and I see him as a guide. Just thought I'd share this, as 'the psychiatrist' was a really strange character. Happy dreaming!
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