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Posted by: ghostcoyote
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Don't Remember
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2008-02-16 21:18:50
Date of dream: 0000-00-00
Keyword 1: Rooms
Keyword 2: Doors
Keyword 3: Strange
Description: Alright, this is a dream that I really liked. Iím going to do my best to get down as much as I can remember. It probably wonít sound as cool as I thought it was, but here it goes. Be prepared, because this is one of the long ones. The first thing I remember is a guy leading some other people and me through a tunnel. The floor was made of dirt, as were the walls and ceiling which were supported with wooden beams. We were walking, and then the guy let us through some sort of doorway or something, but then we were in some sort of hallway with doors leading to rooms. The whole place was basically just hallways with doors leading to rooms. Some of the rooms are just small empty rooms and others furnished and have doors leading to other rooms. Now, as we are walking down one of these hallways, we seem to meet a bit of trouble. W run into what looks like a giant bubble, and itís at least as big as we are or bigger. What the bubble can do to us, I donít know. But it was something that could harm us and we had to keep away from it. So we ran to one of the doors and opened. The room we entered was one of the small empty ones. We were desperate to get the door closed before the bubble could reach us; because once the door is closed the bubble canít follow. But if you go out into the hallway again you may meet with it again, or another like it. And you just never knew where it might be. But there is a problem with closing the doors. If you leave the door open, you stay in the same place. You stay in that room and are able to go back to where you were before. But if you close the door, everything around you changes and you end up somewhere completely different. You may end up in another room, but mostly I think you end up in a hallway. There is no way to go back to where you were before, unless you just get lucky an end up there later. So you never have any idea where you might end up, and to make it worse, the bubble could be right there when you pop up. This also works within the rooms if they have doors leading to other rooms. So, if you donít want to end up somewhere else, you must leave every door you go through open. You really donít want to forget this when everyone doesnít stay within the same room. If one of you goes in a room a shuts the door, they will get taken somewhere else. This means that they are now by themselves, and you may never find each other again. I remember that the idea of that happening gave a decidedly unpleasant feeling. I didnít want to get stuck there alone. Ok, so we have gone into one of these rooms and shut the door. And of course we then end up in a hallway somewhere and there is no bubble in sight. Safe for the moment, we decide to explore a little of this strange place. We go ahead and open up one of the doors and go on inside. And guess what, we split up and go in different areas. This room had a least one or two doors leading to other rooms. I went into one, which had another door leading to yet another room. This last room I think was a bathroom. Now I think these rooms had the feeling of belonging to an old woman. Going in I hear a noise, like someone talking, coming from the bathroom. When I go in to look for what made the noise, I find a doll sitting on a chair. I hope this is accurate, because Iím not sure about everything right here. I canít remember what the doll said, but there wasnít something right about that doll. It was like it was evil or something, and the whole room felt wrong like that. I may have had the others come see too, but after that we just got the hell out of those two rooms and closed the door behind us. The next room and the last I remember visiting, was a bedroom. We went to this one after the bathroom thing. I think it was across form the door that led to the bathroom. Since we left that room before closing the door, but didnít close the first door we originally came through, we were not taken somewhere else. What we found in this room, besides bedroom stuff, was a small hole in the wall. It was a peep hole that you could look through and see into another room. So we decided to take a look a see what was on the other side. I could see another room through the hole. This room looked like an old Wild West saloon, with the bar, tables, etc. But there were also people in this room. They were dressed just like the people in the old westerns. I think they were two men and a lady sitting at one of the tables. They looked over and noticed us looking through the hole. They knew we were there and got up. We couldnít see where they went, but Iím pretty sure they were coming for us. We all just freaked out because we have to get out of there, and we have no idea if these people can actually find us or not. How we got out, I have no idea. I guess we somehow managed to find our way back to where we had originally started and back into the tunnel. We were running back down the tunnel to get away, but the tunnel then fills up with water, complete with swimming fish. And then that was it, I remember nothing more.
Dreamer's Analysis: Your guess is as good as mine. I couldn't guess why I would have a dream like this.
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Posted by Date of Feedback Had a Similar Dream Dream Feedback
ghostcoyote 2008-07-22 08:44:16 Don't Know You could be right. It's a wonder I didn't think of that.
JLeigh 2008-07-04 23:49:10 Yes maybe your feeling lost or something?




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