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Posted by: foxdl722
Type of dream: Scary / Nightmare
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Did Not Enjoy Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2008-02-07 21:00:36
Date of dream: 2002-11-08
Keyword 1: White worms
Keyword 2:
Keyword 3:
Description: Sitting on the sofa and a long thick white worm comes out of my knee, then looking, several worms are working their way out of my legs, look at my son (28 yrs old) lying on the floor talking on his cell to his girl friend, his feet on the bottoms are bandaged, and his legs are horrible, like he has totally already been through the worm issue, look at the floor by the sofa and there is a lot of white puss full of white worms... this is on the floor by the sofa, I ask my son, "why didn't you tell me you were going through this...he wouldnt answer and was ready to die....getting him and me ready to go to the emergency room my little 7 pound yorkie suddenly brings in a pupppy that she has by the neck and has obviously been torturingly and ready to kill ...I take the puppy covered by slobber and now I have to take it to the vet and try to save it as it is suffering.... OUT OF CONTROL>.....WHAT IS GOING ON?????
Dreamer's Analysis:
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