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Posted by: zebramusic
Type of dream: Scary / Nightmare
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Did Not Enjoy Dream
Recurring: Yes
Date posted: 2008-02-06 15:12:29
Date of dream: 2008-01-11
Keyword 1: zombies
Keyword 2:
Keyword 3:
Description: well it started off i was in my house with my siblings my parents left to go to the hospital to get my mom a checkup. Then suddenly i see a zombie. I see more, i lock the doors and i call their cell phone. I call and ask my mom whats going on, and she says that they are safe in the hospital and to take a bus there, she gives me instructions on what to do and in order to escape, we have to put on makeup to make ourselves look like zombies-but the makeup will only last 3 minutes, so we have to hurry. I tell all my siblings and we escape, we get in the car and for some reason even though i can't drive i decide to do it anyway. I get in the drivers seat and start moving, and then this zombie boy open my door. he tells me, "you should really lock your doors or the zombies will get in, and close your windows right too." and i say, "why are you telling me this?" and he says, "i'm only wearing makeup to make me appear like a zombie, but i'm not." currently he is in a crowd of zombies, then suddenly a zombie attacks him and he is being eaten. I start the car fast, but I decide for us to go out of the car after a couple of minutes, because we need to put on the makeup in secrecy. We find a spot behind a building. [by the way we are in a apartment complex] and zombies start running towards us. We don't have the makeup on yet, so i decide to run up the stairs of the building we were behind. Then i open the door and 2 old men are sitting on the couch. They are zombies. I close the door. I look behind and there are alot. I decide for us 'better in here then out there'. so i go inside. Turns out the old man was only missing his dentures?...i don't know how that would make him look like a zombie, but in the dream it made sense. I don't know where the 2nd guy went. Turns out we are lucky because this old guy used to be in a war or something against zombies. So he knows how to kill them. You kill them by hitting them with flammable sponges? weird...but anyway, so that is how they die. The couch is safe because it is made up of this material. So then these kids ring the doorbell and we decide that it might be a zombie, but we open it anyway. Turns out they are children. We let them in. Then we are eating popcorn and we are all safe and having a good time. He teaches us how to kill them also with hairspray. He leaves the doorknob open just in case they want to get in. So then it twists. And about 8 or 9 zombies get in. Then we fight them. Btw the old guys house is really fancy and it doesn't even look like an apartment, only the outside. It has velvet red rugs or something.... anyway. So we fight them and we are all having a good time. We all feel safe because he is helping us. And then there are ALOT of zombies, and we are killing them off but some are really strange and won't die...and then the old guy dies. Marilyn Manson suddenly comes in and i hairspray him to death....?Then my 2 sisters die. And everyone retreats. I go outside for a little and i see a girl running desperately by the pool from the zombies, they eat her. It flashes now to this auditiorium where we are celebrating escaping the zombies. There are alot of people. There are my 3rd sister and my brother there, i don't know what happened to my parents. We are all there, and laughing. They start playing the movie and it is black and white, and its about zombies....? I feel like something is very wrong. I start telling everyone yelling, "something isn't right! we need to leave!" and i say, "open the door!" and they open it and like i thought, zombies start rushing in. The mayor or something was trying to lock us in with them. I tell my siblings to go upstairs [for some reason the auditorium was under the old guys house]. All of a sudden i have this little girl that i have been told to protect and i have to go follow her because some guy with a gun is chasing her. So i am being discreet and sly, when i make a clank sound with my foot on my way down the last stair. He turns around and shoots me 3 times. I shoot him once but its not enough. I die. Turns out at the end my sister and brother are having fun on a merry go round, they are the only ones who survived.
Dreamer's Analysis: because zombies are the ONLY thing i am afraid of....i really am..i think i should really stop but i just can't. Every zombie dream i have gets worse and worse. I was paranoid for 2 days after this....i have had 3 other zombie dreams. The dreams are really long too....
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