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Posted by: thenewboy
Type of dream: Happy
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Enjoyed Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2008-02-03 03:23:44
Date of dream: 2003-02-08
Keyword 1: Sunny
Keyword 2: Money
Keyword 3: Freinds
Description: Ok It was in a home town and based around a cinema for some reason, I was meant to be doing a stage act or somthing with a partner, we both were not famous but trying to succeed, I went to find him with a a person i dont know but... I knew this person in my dream and he was a strong charector but nevr saw his face for some reason... When I found my freind he just had had enough and was spending time with this woman I spoke with him breifly in an allyway ...I remeber a skip he was standing ontop of it and iwas on the ground....the skip was yellow and everything else dark, I rember the Door I knock on was brown and all wood, arch on the top.... Anyway me and my freind walk away saying how much this guy was throwing away but ok if thats what he wants, we walkeed around the front odf this cinema which is situated on the seafront as it was in my dream, the sunn was shinning brightly it was a summers day, we walked around to the entrance and up the stairs to the first floor cinema screens, I caught a reflection of myself and was looking good in a white t-shirt and combat trousers, I had big aviator glasses on as well....I walk passed the que on the stairs and passed this girl I know who is a a lovely girl but she is idealised by men and is a great singer etc, when i got to the top of the stairs where she could see me i tryed to take my glasses of...i took one of the arms and slid them of trying to play it very cool and not acknowledge her as if i was famous or somthing! lol...didnt work i fummbled! lol After that i walked into where the waiting area is in the cinema and it was a resturant, very nice and posh lots of money in there....I walked through and and this lady caught my eye, she walk over to me when i was on anouther set of stairs on about a stack of four with a door at the top, i was on a bugandy carpet, brass handled stair case, when she got closer i remebred i owed her loads of money!!...... I had just brought my best freind criss two large shiny diamond earings for 300, and she cam over all polite and asked for her money, i owed her 290 i belive, I didnt have it!!...I knew i had about 130 left but that was for the night, it was all my money.....for some reason this lady thought i was loaded I think, and may well have givern her that impression myself, i emptied my walet and gave her all i could stating I would meet her again to give her the rest....i had just left my money in my hotel room....this was just to get her of my back I was skint and new it! I went over to her table where she sat alone apart from one beautifull woman to my left, she was a dark figue and couldnt make her out didnt achknowledge her, but when i spoke, i spoke to her and this woman i owed money...the woman i owed was absoulutly find that i didnt have the money and trusted me fully!.... Next im not talking to that woman she.... a man has taken her place in the blink of an eye.... a bald skinny man and he is of to an environmental dinner, to help raise money for the environment......now the woman is back in his place and dshe say she is going to where my ex girlfreind works, i told her and said to say hello...she asks if she can kiss her as in on the check and i said yeah she is a lovewly girl and wouldnt mind, give her a hug to. Ok near the end! lol I walk to my left and i sit a table for some food, and remeber thinking I had better stuff as much as i can because I have no money to eat for abit,.... I look up and there is this freind i havent seen in years we were not particulary close but he hug and i give him a pek on the check he is a big guy and sqeuzes my arms as if to say ...big muscles trev in a nice way...i know he is playing and then he nudges the girl next to him!... its donner...a girl i went out with for abit years ago ...very fiesty scotish girl....but always ok with me.....she doesnt want to get up and give me a cuddle I feel embaressed and cant figue out why! the end.
Dreamer's Analysis: I have money issues at the moment and am worried about them, I think the earings to my freind is because he has been taking me out and paying for allot, i want to pay him back but cant for now but wil do!!... Not sure why earings!! he doesnt wear them!!lol I felt famous, and love being liked and loved. The sun was shining and it was gorgeous after I walked away from my stage freind! I dont know who that symbolises...but have some bad eggs around that i have been distancing myself from.
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