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Posted by: GreenFern
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Indifferent
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2007-05-29 04:32:15
Date of dream: 2007-05-04
Keyword 1: Church
Keyword 2: Search
Keyword 3:
Description: In my dream I was with my family and we were in a kind of old library or maybe a church. we were trying to trace my great uncle who is dead and find out something about him. There was this old guy showing us around and everything was old a dusty. I stayed behind in one of the rooms and noticed really really old man who almost looked like a skeleton and had dust on him sitting in the corner. He told me that my great uncle used to be a knight and that he was dead. I put a coin into a cup that he held out and went to find everyone else. When I told them my father did not look happy, I think because I said that his uncle was dead. I told them how the very old man had told me this but they didn't believe me and thought that I was making it up.
Dreamer's Analysis:
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Posted by Date of Feedback Had a Similar Dream Dream Feedback
Anonymous 2007-10-22 22:46:29 No really cool dream
robertb 2007-08-17 18:27:55 No i wood say the old man was your uncle



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