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Posted by: Torin
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Daydream
Enjoyment level: Enjoyed Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2008-01-04 10:57:49
Date of dream: 2008-01-04
Keyword 1: robot
Keyword 2: dinosaur
Keyword 3: waking
Description: Well, it started as simply a regular dream. I had arrived at the site of the next war between the alliance and the Zenons. The weird thing was it was a very casually run war. Both sides had parked their cars right in front of each other in a very long line of parking spaces. On one side there were a lot of giant robots, I'm not sure if they were fighting yet but I think they were. After I made this observation, a middle aged man walked up to me, dressed in all brown clothing possibly to make it known that he wasn't on one of the sides based on the fact that both sides wore uniforms. He said "Ah, you've finally arrived had I the feeling that you wouldn't be making it. Well, the alliance is over there, and I wouldn't go into the Zenon side if I were you, they don't take kindly to your type, but it's not a law you can't go over there." After thanking him, I went through the long line of cars, seeing many of my fellow combatants with a remote and controlling their robot in battle. After getting my remote, I sat back and activated my robot. It went out there and it took them out one by one. My robot had tank like wheels, a human shaped torso, two jewels grafted in the chest, and a sword which seemed to cleave through the enemy like they weren't even there. Not knowing why, got off of my remote and deactivated my robot. Taking a gun I entered into the opposite side. They didn't seem to care. Even after I shot one of them, they didn't seem to care. Not sure what happened after that, but I was suddenly in a dank tunnel. It was in third person view, and it was exactly like a video game. I was also a cyborg, or at least an android. I wasn't 100% sure. But, I ran through the sewer like hall along the ledge, right next to the murky waters. As I went on, I came to a large outcropping with a vendor and a door next to it. walking up the stairs, I noticed there was someone with their back turned to me in the room. I knew it was a plot developing character, and so I stocked up on items. But as I neared the door, things flashed and suddenly there was a human body connected to me. I remember it being female, and obviously dead. When I say next to me though, it was like it was connected to me and floated upright right in front of me. Good thing it looked like a video game, or I wouldn't be able to see. "Ah, so you've finally come." Said a void, obviously male. The man then jumped down a small hole, telling me to follow. So, naturally I did. But, when I got down the hole, I was in a single cell with bars covering all the exits. Looking back upon it now, I realized I was trapped. The human body fell into the waters and floated there. There was also, most noticeably, a robotic body torn apart with wires everywhere around it. It was my robotic bodies perfect copy. The man was standing in the corner. "You hated it didn't you? Being left to die next to a human. After all that hard work you went through. You saw that I was obsolete, thus you tried to terminate me. You had just grown to smart for your own good." The guy told me. It was at this time I awoke in the dream into another dream. I was laying down in my bed, or rather I thought it was my bed. I don't remember much between that point and the next, but the next thing I realized was being in grandmas house with a very smart yet jerky guy in a wheel chair. We were in my grandmas living room which had been changed into somewhat of a labratory. Then, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a rotting and decaying snout. There were few scales on it and rows of deadly looking teeth which slowly opened behind him. The disabled guy was saying something about dinosaurs, but I was too transfixed on the jaw. I had no urgency to tell him of the dinosaur. But, losing interest, the dinosaur turned it's attention towards me. It was deciding which one to kill it seemed. I didn't want to get eaten it would seem. pulled my hand up with a gun in my hand which I hadn't noticed before and shot the creature right in his mouth, and through his jaw. It recoiled in pain, and in it's pain it recoiled back. It was at this point more raptors cape from every corner of the room. These ones were fully alive, unscarred and completely whole. They attacked us. Somehow though, the wheel chair guy escaped all of them as I went up against the dinosaurs. It went into the kitchen and somehow I escaped them. But, there was a loud crash and I jumped into the living room. As I saw a giant and long jaw, most likely from a spine-o-saurus, ate the man. Then my mom comforted me while the dinosaurs had been taken out. It is then I truly woke up.
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Anonymous 2014-05-05 12:16:30 No im guessing you play computer games?



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