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Posted by: kasecaitlyn
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Enjoyed Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2007-12-17 06:29:03
Date of dream: 2007-12-16
Keyword 1: celebrity
Keyword 2: chasing
Keyword 3: email
Description: It was Gerard Butler, I never new who he was but I recognised he was a celebrity, we were in a hotel/dorm setting. He was chasing me around, I left then, it was like I was looking at a computer screen, he had sent me an email I can only remember a bit of it "I I love you," "You learn about hate after weddings," the word were in a printing/writing type, not computer typing. I can't remeber all the details, but I know it was a good dream.
Dreamer's Analysis: I am not sure, I just find it weird that I dreamt of him, I only new he was an actor, and in the dream I felt he was an Irish actor, so I did a search on Irish actors and I recognised him right away, although he is actually more scottish than Irish.
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