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Posted by: CISV40001
Type of dream: Scary / Nightmare
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Did Not Enjoy Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2007-12-11 17:30:39
Date of dream: 2007-12-10
Keyword 1: Dark Island
Keyword 2: Darkness
Keyword 3: Death
Description: I was on a beautiful island with my 7 friends,in a hotel on a geourgeous cliff . and there was a concert we were very late for, you could see the concert on the other side of the island ( people, preformers, lights exc. ) We were rushing to get to the concert than all if a sudden, a huge black ball engulfs the WHOLE concert. We are looking out the window in disbelief, wondering what that is. You can hear people at the site of the concert screaming and yelling inside the black ball for a few minutes, than you cant hear screaming anymore, and the ball is still there. Than the ball starts to enlarge. At this point we are scared, because the black engarging mass is heading straight for the hotel. Minutes later it engulfs the whole island. The black mass hasn't gotten in the hotel, but when you look outside, there is nothing but pure dark. You can hear people outside the hotel screaming and mourning. Than the black mass outside, like it has something inside it, starts banging on the doors and windows. Now we are all screaming and trying to get to our rooms, than the black mass breaks open the doors and windows and starts to engulf everyone. I am running down the halls with a bunch of other people, trying to get to our rooms, and the black mass is right behind us, engulfing the hallway. It engulfs a half of the running group, but I get to my room ( which has the door open, run inside, slam the door shut, and lock it. When I turn around, I am relieved to see that all of my friends are in the room already, alive, but crying a river, but it scares me to know that our room has a window. I tell them what is going on, than all of a sudden the thing that is in the black mass is banging on our door, than it stops. For a few hours we hear people screaming, mourning, crying, and running down the hallways, and different floors. We stay in the room for a few hours ( hearing a hiding person scream every once and a while ). but then, the black mass breaks open the window, we all run out of our room, and scatter in different directions. Outside our room is like a figment from hell. The whole hallway , and the outside look a if a big very dark shadow is over the whole island, you can see everything clearly, but it is very dimmed. I look outside through the broken window and see the concert site, it is still there but in ruins, I dont dare go out side. But then i hear 7 people scream. Than I know I am alone. I gather up my strength, and jump outside. Than, When I hit the ground, I fall in this black gewey liquid, it burns, then it ( what it felt like ) it spit me out. I get up and start moving again. I walk to the Concert site, and look in disbelief, the site is destroyed, bleachers are turned upside down, and stuff are on fire. Then I turn around and a black thing engulfs me, and i wake up
Dreamer's Analysis: I think i had this dream to warn me that something was going to happen to me soon
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DEBRALA 2008-09-16 05:54:45 No I think you had the dream to warn many people of something that is going to happen...maybe not soon! You maynot even be there but are a witness through someone elses eyes. Bomb? Volcano? Something that you'd try to run from, something that will turn the skies dark and spread like smoke or ash. People will suffer as they die.




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