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Posted by: originalsinner
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Indifferent
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2007-12-09 11:37:52
Date of dream: 2007-12-10
Keyword 1: Teeth
Keyword 2: Falling
Keyword 3: Out
Description: I had a really sored tooth, the top left hand canine in the front of my mouth. My boyfriend was over fixing the car i think and I was telling him about how sore my tooth was. I went to the bathroom to have a look at it in the mirror and started wriggling it and it as well as the next three teeth behind it just fell out. I was horrified. I looked harder and noticed there was string holding my teeth in to my gums and it was coming loose at the back of my throat and I started to panic as I was gagging on the feeling of the string dangling near the back of my throat. I was fearful of choking on it. I ran out to tell my boyfriend but there were all these people over and I hid my mouth cos I was embarrassed. I told him what happened, but he wasn't too fazed as he should have been or would have been had it happened in real life. I was almost hysterical, begging him to take my to the dentist before it was too late to fix them. He kept on fiddling around and I got really frustrated, so ended up hitching a ride with these 3 chicks in a car. They were really awesome. They were apparently witches, which was really funny cos I'm a Christian, and not that I have anything against witches, tend to steer clear of their beliefs as they conflict with mine. They told me to hop in and took me to the dentist. The dentist was busy and I was getting really upset. The chick that was driving, (apparently the 'head' witch) got me in to see the dentist. But the dentist couldn't help me and one told me it would be really expensive to fix. She got another dentist to help me and MADE him help me, but I can't quite remember what he did. The rest of the dream has gone from me so I don't know if I ever got my teeth fixed. All I know is that I was extremely pissed with my boyfriend and the dentists!
Dreamer's Analysis: Perhaps because I am concerned about my appearance. I'm getting older and I'm also self-conscious about my teeth as I'm awaiting a crown (saving up to get one) after having to have my tooth removed because I broke it eating a pecan. I also think i'm a bit insecure about my relationship with my boyfriend. He is 28. I am 34. He has also been away for nearly a month and a half and I haven't heard anything from him for the last 2 days, when he used to call and text me everyday. He is quite unwell and a bit of a bad boy, so I'm concerned something might have happened to him. This is not a recurring dream in itself. I have dreamt of my teeth falling out in the past, but not for a while and not with my boyfriend in the dream.
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