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Posted by: LizaMarie
Type of dream: Weird
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Did Not Enjoy Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2007-11-19 11:44:15
Date of dream: 2007-10-27
Keyword 1: afterlife
Keyword 2: surviving
Keyword 3: death
Description: This dream was the kind that are so real that you aren't sure where you are when you wake up. I'm still trying to shake that feeling. You've heard the old wives tale that says you can't die in your dreams? That's bull. Not only did I die in my dream, but most of my dream took place after death. I'm not sure what I died of, but I was asleep with my mother in her bed. When I became aware of myself again there was no confusion, I knew I had died. I knew I still existed. There was never any internal struggle to accept that fact, which now I find a little strange. I don't believe in life after death, so not to have even a moment of "Huh, I guess I was wrong" is a little odd to me now. But it was a dream. Whatever. Whatever afterlife I was in was very boring. Everything was very structured. There were people there, and people I knew. My sister was there, and my manager Aaron helped show us the ropes. We watched certain movies at certain times. We ate at certain times. We never traveled, even though there were other places to explore. I didn't want to do all these things. I wanted to watch movies that I wanted to watch. I wanted to explore. When I asked why no one ever did these things the answer was something like, "I don't know. No one has before." As far as I could tell, there was no reason not to do the things I wanted, and every reason to. I wondered why no one contacted their families and friends to let them know death was ok. The answer was the same. Screw that, I thought. My mother was probably freaking out. I had, after all, died in her bed. I went to see her. She was crying and obviously very upset, but she didn't look that surprised to see me. She asked what happened, had I taken any drugs, and then how the afterlife was. I told her it was ok, kinda boring, but I was planning to change its structure so that I could do the things I hadn't gotten a chance to when I was alive. The one thing I can't get out of my mind was that she asked if there was anything I regretted or missed. I told her that I missed the energy of life. Without the deadline of mortality I didn't have to hurry to explore the afterlife. I could do everything there that I could do when I was alive, but there was no thrilling pressure to live every day to its full potential, no race against time. No passion. I asked her how Keith (my fiancee) was. The dream ended before I found out.
Dreamer's Analysis: It reminds me to enjoy life while I can, and to do the things I've always wanted to while I have time.
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DesignedMind 2008-05-05 07:07:12 Don't Know Freaky. I believe in life after death and if it is anything like this ---- I'm going to stick around here as long as I can. (not that I wouldn't have before but this would be another reason to the many)




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