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Posted by: JDeuce
Type of dream: None of the above
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Indifferent
Recurring: Yes
Date posted: 2007-11-07 11:44:09
Date of dream: 2007-07-10
Keyword 1: Prediction
Keyword 2: Conversations
Keyword 3: Events
Description: Just over a month ago i had a dream that consisted of events and conversations. During the dream i guess my subconcious mind knew who the people were but not where i was. The conversations consisted of my ex-girlfriend, her brother, and their 2 friends. The dream first started off with the conversations. All i could see was just darkness as if i was peering into my subconcious and everyones voice had somewhat of a distant echo of some sort. I remember my ex girlfriend stuttering on a certain word in a sentence, as well as others talking good things about me and how cool i was to them. Then after the conversations had ended i then started to slowly regain visualization in my dream. I ended up on top of a roof just about to climb down the ladder while others behind me followed, but i did not know who they were at the time. I seen a blonde girl climbiing up the ladder as i was about to go down then i looked back to see everyone following me. Then we ended up back in my friends house and all i could remember was standing and looking down at my girlfriends brother who was sitting on a chair next to his friend. Remind you i couldnt hear what everyone was saying during these times. Then my dream jumped to the next morning where me and my girlfriend were sitting on the couch just relaxing. For some strange reason i looked up and i seen smoke floating in the air and i looked very appealing because of the sunlight shining through with the glare. I could notice my friends in the background sitting down still but then again in my dream i did not know who they were. Then it seemed as if my mind floated towards them but slowly sat down with them. After that i dont remember much of my dream. Now within the next week me and my ex planned to to ecstacy at her friends house. We got to her friends and as soon as the drug had hit its peak, for some reason i felt as if i heard what everyone was saying before. Im the kind of guy that will sit there and just think about anything and stare and the ground or something and not conversate with many people while being euphoric. Then all of a sudden it hit me, these conversations were from my dream, then sure enough my girlfriend started a sentence and stuttered on that exact word from my dream. At this time i started to panic but not really. i was very confused and tried to explain it to everyone but they said it was just the drug. I knew for a fact it wasnt the drug. I had experience this before and it was happening that night. Then we decided to go outside and get some fresh air. My ex's brother said hey lets climb the ladder to the roof. So we all did but this didnt seem familiar at first because all i could remmeber was being on the roof but i hadnt been on this roof before in real life. As soon as we got up there i started to get that weird feeling again, but then we al decided to walk back down. As i approached the ladder the blonde haired girl i seen in my dream was my friend kathryn and it suddenly hit me again. I looked back and there were all my friends and my ex following me to go back down the ladder. Then later i ws in the kitchen then i looked over at my ex's brother and seen him sittinhg down with his friend. This was also from my dream because i remember the exact facial expressions he made. Then the next morning me and my girlfriend were having a cigarette on the couch. She said he look up at the smoke. So i did and i seen the exact pattern of smoke in the air as was in my dream. I also noticed the people in the background were my friends Jed, kathryn and Dominique. By this time i wasnt panicing because everything was just going well and i was used to the predictions that were happening. Then my ex went to bed then i walked over to my other friends and sat down next to them. I then remmebred that part of my dream as well. After we had stayed at her friends we went back to my ex's house and went in her room. Her cat was hangin out with us. All of a sudden i heard a big scratching noise then i looked over then i seen the cat jumping into the christmas tree box. I remember this from my dream as well because it was one of the loudest events that had happened in it. This was the last even that had happened in my dream then i guess i had woken up. I was very confused when all of this happened that day and night because i wondered how it was possible to predict exact conversations and exact visuals in a dream. I am wondering as well if it was the drug "Ecstacy" that has sometihng to do with your dreams or what? Please send me something back explaining to me what had happened there so i wont continue wondering everyday how this had happened. Thank-you
Dreamer's Analysis: I really don't know why i had this dream.
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