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Posted by: MariaMaria123
Type of dream: Scary / Nightmare
Time of day: Nightdream
Enjoyment level: Did Not Enjoy Dream
Recurring: No
Date posted: 2007-05-26 11:15:23
Date of dream: 2007-03-07
Keyword 1: Exam
Keyword 2: Class
Keyword 3: Test
Description: I was at a university or college and it was supposed to be the one I went to but almost everything was different. Like the campus wasn't anything like it should have been. It was like time was in fast forward because I went through a whole semester in no time. I don't know, maybe the dream just skipped ahead at one point. Anyways, at the beginning I had to go to the five different classes that I had signed up for. Then at the end of the dream I had to take exams in all the classes but I forgot about the math class and hadn't been all semester! Then I was panicking and it was all last minute, but I took the test and it was easy and I passed and knew that I would be able to graduate. I have had a dream like this a few times (maybe three or four times a year). It's always a math exam that I didn't study for because I totally forgot about the class.
Dreamer's Analysis: I have dreams like this sometimes and I don't know why, but they really bother me. I wake up stressed out.
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MariaMaria123 2009-10-12 14:05:54 Yes Yeah I can never remember if I passed or not either. I think it was stress related. The good news is that I haven't had a dream like this for about a year. But I have still had stressful times in life. So maybe it is a different kind of stress. Like before I felt stress because I felt like I did not have control of things or understand things, but now it is stress where I am in control but just have too much to do and not enough time. So a different kind of stress may make me have a different kind of dream.
learnfromluton 2009-10-10 04:43:31 Yes I also have similar dreams usually at least two or three times per year. Sometimes it's high school, but it's usually the university. The class is either science or math, and most of the time I wake up without knowing how the dream ends (i.e. did I fail the class?, did I fail the final exam?). I can't remember having one where I actually passed an exam after having forgotten to attend the class. I'm not sure exactly why I have this recurring dream, but I think it's probably stress-related.
mariamaria123 2007-11-30 15:19:55 Yes I don't know exactly but I think maybe it happens when I feel under pressure like there is too much to do, but mainly because I feel like I might disappoint someone? I don't know but it is an awful dream and it's weird because when I have it then it's like I realize that I've had this dream before, so in the dream it's like I realize that it has all happened before. For instance, it is always the same campus in the dream. This is not a real campus, it is in my mind's eye. But in the dream when I see things like a building then I'm like "oh yeah, I recognize that. I haven't seen that in awhile".
Anonymous 2007-11-28 16:32:00 Yes I have had almost the exact same dream as you! What does it mean????? I dream it 5 times a year if not more!




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